NEW PICK – Donut Ice Cream Sandwich at Holey Cream

The delicious donut ice cream sandwiches at Holey Cream will make your day. Holey Cream starts with a delicious, hot fresh donut (which they slice in half) and then they add rich ice cream in the middle. You are allowed to pick three ice cream flavors.  There are many ice cream flavors to choose from, and some are really creative.  I picked red velvet cupcake, which was great. Then I had chocolate and the best “dulce de leche” ice cream I have ever had. The ice cream at Holey Cream is so rich and creamy that it is unforgettable. Then you can pick chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla icing to top on top of your donut sandwich and add a topping such as sprinkles or chocolate chips. All together this makes the perfect treat–and the portion is enormous. If you want something really exciting and different — and especially if you can’t choose between cake or ice cream — this is the perfect dessert or snack.

You can find more information about Holey Cream here.