An Oreo Cookie Revolution

There is good news on the bakery front:  a new bakery called Plenty has reinvented the Oreo cookie in a way that ensures that you never run out of cream filling.  Putting their own twist on the Oreo cookie, the bakers at Plenty take two perfect (and huge!) chocolate cookies that are sweet and crunchy and fill them with delectable sweet cream.  There is so much cream on the cookie that it is the equivalent of five double-stuffed Oreos.  Beware:  this is a giant cookie sandwich–way bigger than a standard Oreo.  This means that if you are really hungry for a sweet and chocolatey dessert, Plenty is the place to go.  Plenty also has good layer cakes and homemade Twinkies.

1457 Third Avenue (82nd Street)
New York, NY  10028