For Adventurous Sushi Lovers Only!

The other day, I tried a delicious sushi restaurant called Sasabune. It is a very small place, and only for people who are ready to try what the chef wants to serve you, because there is NO MENU.  The food is served to you at the chef’s whim in the form of a chef’s tasting menu. That’s right:  you have to be very adventurous, and ready to try anything. The sushi though is so fresh and so swimmingly delicious, it is well worth allowing yourself to be surprised.  (I did see at least three parties leave though when they realized there was no menu and no choosing what you will eat!!).

My personal favorite was the butterfish sushi, which was actually cooked (surprise!). It was extremely hot, and fresh, and while the fish on it looked heavy, the overall piece of sushi was pleasingly light. Even the rice in the sushi was hot! The butterfish was sweet and mixed extremely well with the sweet (and almost sour sauce) that was spooned on top of it.

I thought everything they gave me was awesome (and nothing was too weird or disgusting). Plus, it was really fun not to know what was coming up next.  So, if you are up for some great sushi and are ready to be surprised, then you should definitely try Sasabune.  But, be advised that, as the sign warns, you will never get served California Roll or Spicy Tuna roll at Sasabune!!  Expect only the unexpected, and you will be delighted.

401 East 73rd Street (between 1st and York Avenues)
212 249-8583