Luzzo’s — Great Thin Crust Pizza

The other day I tried a great thin crust pizza place called Luzzo’s. I loved their pizza, especially the thin (but not burnt) crust. My favorite type of pizza there is called the Bufala. It is an extremely fresh pizza that is truly addictive.  When I first took a bite, I thought maybe the sauce was a little sweet, but as I kept eating it, I found that I just loved it and it got better and better. Just the smell of it afterwards made me want more.  The Bufala has big round patches of gooey mozzarella, which makes the pizza very cheesy and delicious.  All the pizzas come in two sizes small or large. Overall Luzzo’s pizza is awesome, and I look forward to going back soon.

211 1st Avenue
Between 12th & 13th Streets
New York, NY 10003
(212) 473-7447