5 Carmine Street
(At 6th Avenue)
New York, NY 10014
(212) 255-4874

I have been searching for the best popsicle in NYC.  My overall favorite place is Popbar on Carmine Street.  The popsicles come in many cool (but straightforward) flavors, and are made of either gelato, sorbetto or yogurt.  My favorite popsicle at Popbar is the peanut butter popGelato.  It is smooth and creamy and had the perfect sweet peanut butter taste that I love.  I also really liked their strawberry popSorbetto — which I thought was sweet and refreshing.   At Popbar, you can also have any of the pops dipped in a fresh topping like milk or dark chocolate, which makes them even tastier.  Popbar is a truly delicious and unique shop.  If you are craving a great dessert, check it out.

I found some other great places for popsicles:

Runner Up

People’s Pops
Check their website for hours and locations

Runner Up

La NewYorkina Mexican Ice & Sweets
Check their website for cart schedule