Pie Face

I saw a place with a cool name, so I went in to check it out. It was definitely worth the visit.

I was excited to find a great, little bakery (imported from Australia) with awesome regular-sized and mini pies in both sweet and savory varieties. I tried a bunch of the little pies; my favorite was the cherry pie for sweet, and the chicken and mushroom for savory.

The cherry is fresh with a nice sweet and sour flavor. On the sweet side, I also really liked the apple pie, which has lots of apple chunks inside with a sweet jelly like filling.But, my favorite of all the pies was the chicken and mushroom. It has a really soft, fresh crust that is neither mushy nor too crunchy. The crust is also very flaky. The mini pies are fun to eat and great for dessert or a snack.

A few extra things worth noting about Pie Face. Only the savory pies were heated. You might want to heat the sweet pies yourself–I think they taste a lot better when you do. Also, each of the pies has a face on them, and there is a code that tells you what kind you have. And finally, if you want, Pie Face, will add a “stack” to the full-size savory pies—which consists of delicious, hot gravy and mashed potatoes piled on top. It’s a meal in itself, and a really tasty one at that.

Pie Face


1691 Broadway
(@West 53rd)
New York, NY  10019
(212) 247-9065

507A Third Avenue
(@ 34th Street)
New York, NY  10022
(855) 444 3388

469 7th Avenue South
(Penn Station)
New York, NY 10018
(855) 444 3388