Breakfast Dumplings

Not long ago, I discovered the breakfast dumplings at Norma’s on 119 West 56th (between Sixth and Seventh Avenues). Norma’s is the first place I had ever seen breakfast dumplings on the menu so I got extremely excited about trying them.

Though I was hoping for the best, I was a little afraid each dumpling might turn out to be a disastrously heavy mini-omelet with clumpy pieces of food in it that the chef called a “breakfast dumpling” just to be different. But, what arrived at the table was exactly what I was hoping for: light, airy dumplings that are small, fragrant, and totally delicious.

The breakfast dumplings come out steaming, and are filled with fluffy scrambled eggs and finely chopped mushrooms and shrimp. They are served with a sweet and sour sesame sauce, which matches perfectly with the dumplings. It is worth going to Norma’s just to try the dumplings!

(Note: per my prior Pines Picks, Norma’s has awesome French toast and other delicious breakfast items as well). The dumplings, however, are definitely a unique standout dish. Not surprisingly, I finished them in record time and have been back several times to get more.