Cuban Sandwich — A.G. Kitchen

The other day I stopped at A.G. Kitchen to try their claimed “NYC’s Best Cubano.” The sandwich came out in slices, and contained the normal, delicious ingredients of a Cuban sandwich: Pork, Ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and, mustard. The Cuban comes between two slices of perfectly golden brown, panini-like slices of bread. After I took my first bite, I too understood the greatness of this slightly buttered sandwich. The mix of the warm, melted swiss cheese, the delicious slices of roast pork, the sweetness from the pickles and the mustard created one of the most incredible Cuban sandwiches I have consumed. Although the sandwich, in total, is pretty big, I inhaled it. I am already looking forward to picking up another Cuban from A.G. Kitchen.

A.G. Kitchen
269 Columbus Ave
NY, NY 10023
(212) 873-9400