The Bao

I went to try the soup dumpling at the Bao and was pleasantly surprised. They have a large variety of soup dumplings including wasabi, chocolate, super spicy, crab and regular pork. The soup dumplings all had a very thin wrapper except for the chocolate which had a more gooey crepe-like wrapper. Also, something I really enjoyed was the large amount of soup in the dumplings and the soft delicate meat in the middle of all of the dumplings (except for the chocolate which had a thin cut of mushy banana in the center). My favorite were the wasabi dumplings which had a kick of spice in them, which went really well with the saltiness of the soup and the chewiness of the pork. Overall, the Bao was a good find and I highly recommend the soup dumplings there.

Note: also, I recommend trying the “ice tomato” which is a bunch of eighths of tomatoes cut up and doused in a bowl of sweet-sugary liquid. It was truly refreshing and is a great start to the meal. The tomatoes are transformed from the normal almost savory flavor to a candy-like treat.


The Bao
13 St Marks Pl,
New York, NY 10003
(212) 388-9238