About the Author

David Pines is not a child appeased by a little salt, sugar and grease. This 15 year old is a genuine foodie who’s eaten at more New York City restaurants than most adults. He can discuss the spicy, sweet, crisp, tender or buttery attributes of foods from popovers to squid ink pasta

Between his parents’ busy work schedules and David’s packed calendar of school and sports—from tennis and soccer to skiing and swimming—his family eats out a lot. And they’re always looking for new places.

One day while fruitlessly searching a New York restaurant guide for restaurants that worked for families—palates of various sophistication—he hatched an idea.

“It was kind of frustrating,” he said. “It wasn’t the information I wanted to see. I thought: I should write my own guide with the best dishes for kids to eat. That would make it a lot easier for other families to eat out, too.”

His family jumped on board, with his parents and grandparents taking turns escorting him around the city to explore different venues.

“I was astonished at how many restaurants were in New York City. It was really cool to get to try all these in so many different neighborhoods.”

Next book, he thinks, he might focus on theme restaurants. Like the place where he celebrated his birthday: It’s decorated like an ancient Japanese village and the waiters dress as ninjas and pop out at you, just for fun.

Incidentally, everyone associated with this book had to go on a diet afterward except David who never gains an ounce.