Good Day New York

I got to be a guest on Good Day New York this morning to talk about the Halloween candy reviews I did for DuJour.  If you would like to see a recording of the segment you can find it on the Good Day New York website at this link:  Good Day New York.   Once you are there, look for “Kid Candy Critic” and click it to watch.

Halloween Candy Reviews

I was recently asked by to participate in a review of high-end candies for Halloween. I was glad they wanted to get a kid’s perspective and was happy to participate.  They sent me several candies to try and write reviews for.  There were some winners but also some losers.  Here’s a link to the article in today’s edition of DuJour for the full review:  Taste-Testing Haute Halloween Treats

French Onion Soup — New Pines Pick

Pines PickBrasserie
100 East 53rd Street
New York, NY 10020
(212) 751-4840


I have always liked Brasserie’s French onion soup, but recently I tried it again, and I have to say that it is better than ever.  Brasserie’s version of French onion soup comes in a huge bowl, covered with beautifully-browned and bubbly melted cheese, just the right texture—not too thick and not too thin to hold up to your happily digging spoon.  Underneath the baked cheese cover, is a tasty, hot onion broth, that contains a piece or two of soft French bread, lots of sweet onions, and some more gooey melted cheese.  The onion soup seems to be on Brasserie’s brunch, lunch and dinner menus at so you can get it almost any time of day.

Caesar Salad — NEW Pines Pick

Pines PickPietro’s
232 East 43rd Street
New York, NY  10017
(212) 682-9760

Primehouse, my old Caesar salad winner, with its fun, table-side service, unfortunately closed down. So I tried many more Caesar salad places. For the first time, I got to try the Caesar salad at Pietro’s. It was delicious. The salad has a little bit of tang from the anchovies that were cut up in the salad. There are also tiny croutons on the salad. I normally don’t love croutons, but the ones on the Caesar salad at Pietro’s are especially tasty and not too bready. There is also a lot of Parmesan cheese in the salad that adds a nice texture to the crunchy, fresh romaine lettuce. Unlike some of the other Caesar salads that I tried, the Pietro’s Caesar did not have a watery dressing. Overall, Pietro’s mixes a ton of ingredients to make an excellent Caesar salad.

New Bagel Pines Pick

Pines PickBagel Hole
400 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY  11215
(718) 788-4014

My friend told me to try the bagels at Bagel Hole in Brooklyn. I went there and the bagels were great. Even if you wait a few hours to eat their bagels, they are still super chewy, soft and delicious. The outside layer of the bagel gives itl a little crunch; then you get to the doughy inside. The bagels have a nice flavor. Overall, Bagel Hole makes an impeccable bagel.