Best Bacon in NYC by far!

Tavern62After ordering the “clothesline” Candied Bacon at Tavern 62, I may never be able to look at regular bacon the same way. The thick cut caramelized bacon has delicious sweet flavors from a glaze that has hints of honey, maple and red wine vinegar. The glaze is very thick and contrasts the saltiness of the chewy bacon. The bacon is perfectly lean, while still having a good amount of buttery fat. The ends are made to a caramelized black color and the bacon is topped with some black pepper. The dish is unreal and the restaurant as a whole serves some of the best dishes in NYC.

I also recommend the “Angry Dumplings,” which are filled with lobster and topped with a fiery chili oil based sauce.

135 E 62nd St
New York, NY 10065, USA
Tel: (212) 988-9021

Soto is closed

Tiny Japanese sushi restaurant at 357 6th Ave, New York, NY is now closed.


TaiyakiFish ice cream? Crazy good.
Taiyaki NYC is serving up some of the thickest, most delicious soft serve in fun waffle-like cones that are shaped like fish. I loved the green tea flavor – it brought me back to the Taiyaki desserts in Japan. The ice cream is sweet and has a subtle green tea flavor. Topped with some condensed milk and some colorful Mochi pieces, this dessert is super fun.

I also really liked the chocolate Taiyaki. It’s a must go.

119 Baxter Street
New York, NY 10013
Tel: (212) 966-2882





Drunken Dumpling

Drunken DumplingDrunken Dumpling in NYC is serving up some delicious soup dumplings. They have a couple types of soup dumplings, but my favorite is the Pork Soup Dumplings. Filled with tasty light broth and a small amount of salty pork, the dumplings are a great snack. If you are in the mood for something bigger, they have an XL soup dumpling that you can wait 25 minutes for. This giant dumpling must be consumed with a straw handy!

(Also, right next door, is Davey’s Ice Cream! Stop by for an unbelievable scoop of Speculoos Chocolate Chip Cookie)




Drunken Dumpling
137 1st Avenue
New York, NY 10003
Tel: (212) 982-8882


Da Greco

Da GrecoDa Greco has a large variety of pastas and Italian dishes. I did not expect to have such delicious pasta in Spain, but Da Greco has some of the best pastas ever. Each dish was better than the next. From the light gnocchi smothered in incredible, sweet tomato sauce to meaty, delectable lasagna to the best spaghetti arrabbiata of my life (angel hair, super thin pasta), Da Greco was so good that my mouth waters thinking of it.

To finish the meal, the desserts are very good. My favorite was the super sour Lemon gelato, which is very refreshing.

Da Greco 2








Da Greco
Carrer de Santa Teresa, 10,
08012 Barcelona – Spain
Tel: +34 932 18 65 50