Great Fondue at Taureau in NYC

Taureau serves up a great three-course fondue meal. The first course is choice of cheese fondue from a list that ranges from spicy “Devil’s Whiff” to traditional “Old Swiss.” I ordered the “Perigord” cheese fondue, which is basically traditional with some truffle oil and black truffle shavings. The fondue is served with croutons, but a secret is to request classic, pieces of soft bread. I feel that soft bread is crucial to the cheese fondue, and it really goes well with the salty, cheesy flavor. The fondue itself is smooth and heavily seasoned.  It is accompanied by a tasty green salad, which is very refreshing in contrast to the melted cheese.


The second course consists of a “Fondue Bourguignonne,” which includes a fondue pot of either boiling oil or broth to cook meat. I got the classic canola oil fondue and also tried the red wine based broth fondue. Served with seasoned, sliced filet mignon (or hanger steak or chicken) and five sauces, the course is fun and filling. Honestly, as it can take a while to cook the meat, the canola oil is more efficient and supplies the same amount of flavor.

The final course is a chocolate fondue, accompanied by different chopped fruits, slices of cake, and marshmallows. The milk chocolate fondue was pretty classic–smooth, rich melted chocolate. There is also a dark chocolate option.

Overall, Taureau’s fondue course is a very filling, very good meal in NYC.

(Note: You can also get just the cheese and dessert courses for a reduced price).

Taureau — 558 Broome St, New York, NY 10013

Joanne Trattoria — Great Chicken Parmesan

After visiting Joanne Trattoria, I can conclude that Lady Gaga grew up eating some very tasty Italian food.

Lady Gaga’s family restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, is located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The definite standout at the restaurant was the “red gravy,” a thick tomato sauce that is perfect on Joanne’s al dente spaghetti and unforgettable chicken parmesan. With a thin layer of bubbling, oven baked cheese and the sweet “red gravy,” the lightly breaded chicken parmesan is complete. I simply could not get enough of the tomato sauce and even ordered some extra “red gravy” on the side: it was that good.

Joanne Trattoria is definitely worth a visit (or five).

Rotisserie Georgette

I recently had dinner at Rotisserie Georgette. Georgette focuses on traditional French dishes and executes each with near perfection and the best possible ingredients available.
Watermelon Salad
The first dish I had was the Chilled Watermelon Salad. The cubes of red and yellow watermelon rest on a bed of Lemon Ricotta and are topped with a delicate amount of sweet and sour balsamic vinegar. Although the salad seems simple, the blend of the juices from the watermelon and the other flavors culminate in one of the best salads I have ever had.
Next, I tried the roasted chicken, the specialty of Rotisserie Georgette. I had the “Grand Mere,” which came with a thin red-wine based sauce that had some salty chopped up pieces of bacon.
The reason I believe that the roasted chicken is so good is the thin, not-oily skin. The skin holds flavors from the roasting and is truly something that stands out. After cutting through the skin, the chicken is incredibly moist, and with a bit of the sauce, has a very good salty, slightly garlic flavor.
Chocolate Souffle with truffles

Finally, I tried the dessert. I really enjoyed the chocolate souffle. Although it is small, it seems to be just enough as it also comes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and three rich chocolate truffles. The souffle itself is very light and moist, yet still the right consistency. With some of the creamiest vanilla ice cream (made in-house), the dessert is truly fantastic. After finishing the souffle, I inhaled the small yet dense chocolate truffles. The truffles are a highlight of the dish, and I believe the best way to end a perfect meal.


Rotisserie Georgette 
14 E 60th St, New York, NY 10022

Churro Heaven at Boqueria UES

I stopped by Boqueria on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and had some of the freshest, chocolate-filled mini churros.

They are fried beautifully to have an ideal, golden-brown exterior. Filled to the brim with sweet, thick nutella, the churros are then topped with some powdered sugar.

There is something especially tasty about the dough they use in their churros– almost like pulling apart a delicate croissant, the churro flakes.

Order the Churros Rellenos de Nutella. Delicious!


Boqueria UES

1460 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10075

(212) 343-2227

Best Bacon in NYC by far!

Tavern62After ordering the “clothesline” Candied Bacon at Tavern 62, I may never be able to look at regular bacon the same way. The thick cut caramelized bacon has delicious sweet flavors from a glaze that has hints of honey, maple and red wine vinegar. The glaze is very thick and contrasts the saltiness of the chewy bacon. The bacon is perfectly lean, while still having a good amount of buttery fat. The ends are made to a caramelized black color and the bacon is topped with some black pepper. The dish is unreal and the restaurant as a whole serves some of the best dishes in NYC.

I also recommend the “Angry Dumplings,” which are filled with lobster and topped with a fiery chili oil based sauce.

135 E 62nd St
New York, NY 10065, USA
Tel: (212) 988-9021