Soto is closed

Tiny Japanese sushi restaurant at 357 6th Ave, New York, NY is now closed.

UES China Fun Closes

UES China Fun closes after 25 years. The fun is over.

Most incredible beignets being served in NYC!

beignetsThis shop opened only one month ago and serves incredibly fluffy, giant beignets similar to the authentic beignets in New Orleans. These are not oily at all, with an appropriately heavy amount of powdered sugar: just unforgettable.

While they come only three to an order, they are pretty large beignets.


120 MacDougal Street, NYC
(212) 995-0400

Pommes Frites: Victim of East Village Fire

A few days ago, there was a tragic 7-alarm fire in NYC’s East Village. I learned last night that one of the four buildings that burned to the ground was the home of Pommes Frites!  The Pommes Frites web site said none of its workers or patrons were injured. That is certainly good news. But, very sadly, at least for now, Pommes Frites – the New York City french fry institution – is closed. It will be sorely missed; we hope for its return someday soon.

Pommes Frites
123 2nd Ave,
New York, NY 10003
(212) 674-1234


This Little Piggy Had Roast Beef

149 1st Ave b/t 10th St & St Marks Pl in East Village


Hard to believe it – but Crumbs is gone!  They apparently went out of business due to owing large debts and have had to close all of their cupcake shops.  This is definitely a bad day for cupcake-lovers.  I will particularly miss their giant cupcake, which was great for birthday celebrations.

Sad to See Them Go

I kept hoping it wasn’t true, but it now looks like Rickshaw Dumpling Bar is gone for good. I especially loved their chocolate dessert dumplings. And I was also a big fan of Rickshaw’s unique edamame dumplings, their tasty Thai chicken and spicy kimchee dumplings. Not only have the stores closed, the trucks seem to be permanently gone too. If anyone from Rickshaw is reading this, please let me know if you still are willing to cater private events….you can’t just shut us off completely!

A Sad Day for Cheesesteak Lovers

In the last few weeks, Carl’s Steaks closed its doors on Third Avenue (around 34th Street). It’s a sad day for cheesesteak lovers in NYC, but hopefully Carl’s Steaks will still be available at Yankee Stadium.

What’s happening to Dylan Prime?

Dylan Prime appears to be closed. I don’t know what the story is. I’m not sure if the closure is temporary (I hope) or permanent. This is a great place, and I’m pulling for it!

Looking for a New Place for Muffins

Sadly, Beacon, the Pines Picks winner for muffins, is now closed so I’m on a hunt for a replacement. Let me know if you have any suggestions.