Burger and Beer Joint

After hearing a lot about the Burger and Beer Joint in Miami, I went to try it out. The restaurant is not a beer place and kids are very welcome. I had a ridiculously good meal there – every course was better than the previous one. To drink, I got a root beer which came is a frosty glass. I ordered the hot “Octane Wings,” the onion rings and a custom burger. The hot wings are crispy, have a light coating, and a pleasingly hot thick buffalo-style sauce. Next, I had the onion rings which are the biggest onion rings I have ever seen in my life. They are “colossal Vidalia Onions” which have a whitish yellow batter, and after dipped in a little ketchup or the jalapeno-cheddar sauce served with them, are truly incredible. After the onion rings, I had a burger on a brioche bun with bleu cheese, red onion marmalade, guacamole, lettuce, onion, and tomato. The brioche bun was soft and buttery, and with the bleu cheese and sweet red onion marmalade, it was a great burger. Also, I got my burger cooked medium which was very juicy and tender and was cooked to perfection.

Although the meal was overall one of the best I have had, it wasn’t fulfilled without the outrageous dessert that I had called the “sweet emotion” with Oreos, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and best-of-all fresh, warm house-made brownies. It came in a goblet-type glass and was a memorable ending to a meal I will never forget.

Burger and Beer Joint
900 South Miami Avenue
Suite 130
Miami, Florida 33130
(305) 523-2244





Joe’s Stone Crab

I tried a lot of key lime pie in South Florida. From slices dipped in chocolate and placed on sticks to small key lime tarts, but nothing compares to Joe’s. The famous Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami is mainly known for its stone crabs. But, their key lime pie is truly mouth-watering amazing. Unlike any other of the key lime pies I tasted, the key lime at Joe’s is not too sour. It has a delicious tang and a really great, crumbly graham cracker crust. The pie comes refreshingly cold and is served with whipped cream on top. To me, the perfect key lime pie has a pudding-like consistency. Joe’s key lime pie has exactly the right consistency, not too thin and jelly-like and not too thick and lumpy. If the weather alone isn’t reason enough to head South to Miami, Joe’s key lime pie is well worth the trip.

Joe’s Stone Crab
11 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 673-0365



Mojo Donuts

Mojo DonutsDelicious fresh donuts that are made at 6 am in the morning, and Mojo donuts closes directly after they run out of donuts. There are tons of flavors and the people there are super friendly and willing to recite the names of every single donut they have… ranging from plain to apple cobbler to blueberry cheesecake to crème brûlée.

My favorite was the apple cobbler which was a soft, sugar-covered plain donut covered with caramel and sweet vanilla cream. Also, the donut is filled with an apple filling that is sweet and contains tiny pieces of chopped up apple. Overall, this donut is better than any apple pie or cobbler that I’ve had; an all-in-one donut.

I would also highly recommend the s’mores donut, which was a moist chocolate cake donut covered with chocolate icing and sprinkled with roasted mini marshmallows and pieces of graham crackers. Mojo Donuts has a huge variety of cool and tasty donuts. If you are in Florida, you cannot miss it.

Mojo Donuts
7906 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL 33024, United States
Phone: (954) 983-6631

Worth a Trip to Miami!

Just got back from a trip to Miami where I had the opportunity to dine at the Milos there.  If it is possible, the Milos in Miami was even better than the one in NYC. They had all the same delicious menu items with a few added, including a selection of sashimi that was unbelievable. I tried the sashimi sampler, which enabled me to taste several types of fish.  I particularly loved the tuna sashimi, which was served with dill and chili spices. All the ingredients combined to create a delicious, light, and tasty flavor. I also loved the smoked salmon which was smokey and savory and had an awesome, smooth texture.  Another thing I loved about the Miami version of Milos is that the Greek spreads were served with warm pita, instead of thick bread.  Yumm.  Maybe it was the warm weather, but there was something really magical about the Miami Milos.  Of all the restaurants I tried in Miami, it was by far the best, and I would love to go back someday soon.