Best Fondue in Geneva at Les Armures

Known for the best fondues in the world, Switzerland is also home to my favorite cheese fondue. Geneva’s Les Armures crafts the flawless pot of melted cheese. Served with cubed pieces of baguette-like bread and boiled potatoes, the fondue warms the stomach. The slowly bubbling pot of Swiss cheese and Gruyere holds subtle hints of garlic and a slight tang.

The final moments of the fondue, when the cheese melts into an extremely delicate crisp, are seconds that you will crave forever. For the perfect fondue, Les Armures is the spot.

Les Armures: Rue du Puits-Saint-Pierre 1, 1204 Genève, Switzerland


Da Greco

Da GrecoDa Greco has a large variety of pastas and Italian dishes. I did not expect to have such delicious pasta in Spain, but Da Greco has some of the best pastas ever. Each dish was better than the next. From the light gnocchi smothered in incredible, sweet tomato sauce to meaty, delectable lasagna to the best spaghetti arrabbiata of my life (angel hair, super thin pasta), Da Greco was so good that my mouth waters thinking of it.

To finish the meal, the desserts are very good. My favorite was the super sour Lemon gelato, which is very refreshing.

Da Greco 2








Da Greco
Carrer de Santa Teresa, 10,
08012 Barcelona – Spain
Tel: +34 932 18 65 50

Can Solé

Can SoléI have to admit that my favorite restaurant in Barcelona was Can Solé. I also have to admit that I am a huge fan of paella. Simply put, I have never had or seen such beautiful and amazing paella in my life. The yellow rice is exactly al dente, seasoned pleasantly with saffron and topped with either a ton of seafood or lobster that has no chew and just melts in your mouth with the flavor of the rice. The paella is served per person and comes in a giant pan. This is the best paella in the world.

To start, I highly recommend the delectable garlicy, salty prawns and the anchovies if you want a small snack. However, the paella alone can make for one of the best meals ever.

Can Solé 2







Can Solé
Carrer de Sant Carles, 4,
08003 Barcelona – Spain
Tel: +34 932 21 50 12



EscribaOn the walk back from Boqueria Market, we passed a place called Escriba. I got a freshly cooked waffle out of a window in the store with crèma catalana. It is kind of like a slightly orange-zest flavored vanilla cream topped with sugar and then torched to a crunchy shell on top of the soft, sugary waffle. Great snack.


Escriba Rambla
Rambla de les Flors 83,
Barcelona – Spain
Tel: +34 93 301 60 27

Restaurante Informal

informal-2A very delicious, cool restaurant called Restaurante Informal is in the Serras Hotel in Barcelona. The restaurant has a tremendous menu and was one of the most well rounded meals I have ever had. My favorite starters were the anchovies which were delicate, light, and smooth, and the Potato Fritas, which were like French fries on steroids with super thin slices of potatoes stacked and fried into a single thin French fry and served with a great spicy sauce. I also loved the tomato salad with many textures which had cold, soft, warm, jelly, and foam tomato—the dish was original and worked well.

My favorite main course was the chateaubriand, which came with a variety of vegetables and potato fritas. The chateaubriand is aged 20 days and is seasoned just right. Slightly red in the center, well cooked on the outside, and exploding with juices, the steak was unforgettable.

Also, if you are still hungry and are in the mood for a super-rich, great chocolate molten cake, they have a delectable one.

Restaurante Informal
Passeig de Colom, 9
08002 Barcelona – Spain
Tel: +34 93 169 18 68