boqueria-1The Boqueria Market in Barcelona is the home to many little tapas shops, Jamón (ham) shops, and juice shops selling refreshing and iced fresh squeezed juice for one dollar.

It is an awesome place to explore and I loved the Jamón Ibérico de Bellota at a few places. My favorite was the 18 month aged ham from Can Vila. The soft, lighter part of the ham is tasty and soft and melts in your mouth. They cut it right in front of you and it is a great time. Make sure to definitely ask for a taste before you buy some Jamón.


Another Great Bakery – This One in Nanuet, New York

I came across the most amazing bakery in Nanuet, New York, called Rockland Bakery. Apparently, it supplies tons of restaurants with baked goods. When you go there, you actually get to put on plastic gloves and choose your freshly baked bread right from the factory floor. The piping hot bialys were incredible, to say the least. They also have plenty of cakes, cookies and pastries to choose from and even a deli. You can smell this place from what seemed like miles away.

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