Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s


It makes sense that Luzzo’s, the famous pizza restaurant in New York City, with amazing thin crust “Bufala” Pizza (hearty tomato sauce, soft – thin mozzarella di bufala, aromatic basil), started its own Italian food eatery. But, what Luzzo’s has done is truly special: it has created a restaurant that specializes in gnocchi, aptly named Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s.

Gnoccheria has numerous types of gnocchi. You can order classic potato, purple potato, or spinach gnocchi. Then, you have the option of ordering a stuffing for the gnocchi (cheese-stuffed, mushroom-stuffed, and asparagus-stuffed). Next, you have a choice of many sauces from the Pomodoro to the Sorrentina to the Ragu to the pesto to the Quattro Formaggi (four cheese — like a fondue covered gnocchi).

While I enjoyed the spinach and purple potato varieties, I liked the classic gnocchi the best. It was the lightest and fluffiest of the three, and very flavorful. For me, the Sorrentina was the standout sauce – a tasty tomato sauce with gooey mozzarella and fresh basil already folded in. The other sauces were quite good as well, ranging from the heavy Quattro Formaggi, (a four cheese-like fondue sauce with a strong Muenster flavor) to the light Pomodoro sauce, (a simple tomato gravy).

I really loved the Gnoccheria. No other spot that I know of will exhibit more dedication to the art of gnocchi and that alone is worth experiencing.

Gnoccheria by Luzzo’s: 234 EAST 4TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10009

Luzzo’s — Great Thin Crust Pizza

The other day I tried a great thin crust pizza place called Luzzo’s. I loved their pizza, especially the thin (but not burnt) crust. My favorite type of pizza there is called the Bufala. It is an extremely fresh pizza that is truly addictive.  When I first took a bite, I thought maybe the sauce was a little sweet, but as I kept eating it, I found that I just loved it and it got better and better. Just the smell of it afterwards made me want more.  The Bufala has big round patches of gooey mozzarella, which makes the pizza very cheesy and delicious.  All the pizzas come in two sizes small or large. Overall Luzzo’s pizza is awesome, and I look forward to going back soon.

211 1st Avenue
Between 12th & 13th Streets
New York, NY 10003
(212) 473-7447