Hard to believe it – but Crumbs is gone!  They apparently went out of business due to owing large debts and have had to close all of their cupcake shops.  This is definitely a bad day for cupcake-lovers.  I will particularly miss their giant cupcake, which was great for birthday celebrations.

A Sad Day for Cheesesteak Lovers

In the last few weeks, Carl’s Steaks closed its doors on Third Avenue (around 34th Street). It’s a sad day for cheesesteak lovers in NYC, but hopefully Carl’s Steaks will still be available at Yankee Stadium.

Still Waiting


I have been in denial about Chinatown Brasserie having closed in June, because they said they would re-open in the same neighborhood in a smaller space later this year.  Just wanted to say that I am still waiting…


Another Closing

Unfortunately, I noticed that another spot I liked to visit has closed — the Pop Burger location on 58th Street. As far as I know, the other Pop Burger locations in the city aren’t affected so let’s hope they stay around.

Goodbye to Primehouse NYC

I just heard that Primehouse NYC closed its doors on September 17.  I miss their Caesar salad and fill-your-own donuts already.  This is what amazes me about New York City.  Even great NYC restaurants close all the time.